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Label Material Guide

Strong, High Quality Labels & Stickers for Products

Whether you're in the business of soaps, jams, vegetables, juice, health and beauty, you name it; you'll be in the business of canning, jarring, boxing and almost any other type of packaging.

Imagine seeing a product with its label fading, or appearing flaky or even peeling. Irrespective of how great the brand may be, it would be fair to assume most people will not consider that product even if it's a brand they trust... Why?

The humble label all on it's own holds the quality accountability of that very specific jar, can or package that you're looking at.

This is what Avery WePrint obsess about as we specialise in producing labels and stickers that are designed for products. It must withstand the wear and tear of markets, stores, and the delivery methods they may face.

See for yourself how thousands of other Australian's use our free design tool to customise and personalise their product labels needs. You can upload your own designs and adjust for the perfect size and shape that your product requires.